About Us

Sue Brody


Susan Brody has been in the title industry since 1985 and served as the President of Brody Abstract, Inc., a full service title agency for nearly 20 years. In 2015, she joined T.A. Closing Network as its President. Sue attended Miami University of Ohio and was granted a full athletic scholarship as a fast pitch pitcher. She has a BA in Elementary Education and has been a licensed title agent , a PA licensed real estate agent and notary public since the mid 80’s. T.A. Closing Network is a subsidiary of Title Alliance, a company committed to excellence and compliance. T.A. Closing Network has been certified as Best Practice Compliant and SOC 2 compliant by Oread Partners, LLC, a firm that specializes in risk consulting and attestation practice. The certifications were costly, both in actual dollars and human resource hours. It was a six month long process to complete and we are very proud to have this certification to demonstrate to our lenders and to our clients that we have protective systems in place for their personal and financial safety and security. T.A. Closing Network is a full service title agency, having its roots as a title underwriter dating back to 1948.