What We Offer


Title Insurance:

Our focus is to prevent losses arising from situations in the past. Before a final title policy is issued, we examine, evaluate and resolve all problems and risks disclosed by the title search. Our staff works closely with all parties to clear title and ensure your transaction closes promptly.


We will schedule your closing to accommodate your Borrowers needs. Your closing is where and when it is most convenient.

Full Title Searching Capabilities:

Our staff has the ability to conduct full title searches on properties in our region.

Experienced Reverse Mortgage Specialists on Staff:

Be confident that our professionals have extensive training in handling your reverse mortgage transactions and the special needs of your borrowers.

We overnight or wire broker’s fees, as requested, to ensure that you get compensated immediately for your work!

Personalized Professional Service:

Are you tired of being transferred from one department to the next because nobody has answers to your questions? Your Key Account Manager will always have your answer. At T.A. Closing Network we provide one point of contact service.

Your account is assigned to one knowledgeable Key Account Manager who will process your application and follow it through to close. Your Key Account Manager will be thoroughly informed of your needs and will be the only person you need to talk with in order to get answers.

Quality services is the key to any business and T.A. Closing Network offers the very best in experiences, knowledge and ability.